Syros Island, Greece
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tyrosyra Τυροσύρα τυροκομική
Tyrosyra Cheese Company

With deep knowledge, respect and love for the tradition of their land, a small group of milk producers decides to rescue the traditional recipes and methods of cheese-making, and continue supporting their activity.

Specifically, in 2013, in the settlement of Vissa in Syros, TYROSYRA TYROKOMIKI was founded.

Ντόπιο Συριανό Τυρί Τυροσυρα

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Ντόπιο Συριανό Τυρί Τυροσυρα
In the modern facilities of the unit, in which the HACCP system is applied, they produce a range of dairy products, including the PDO cheese San-Michali, exclusively from Syrian milk, maintaining the high quality and the traditional values.

Τhe people of Tyrosyra work with passion to create flavors that remind us what authentic Greece feels like.