Syros Island, Greece
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Cheese company in Syros island TYROSYRA tyrosyra Τυροσύρα τυροκομική
tyrosyra Τυροσύρα τυροκομική
Tyrosyra Cheese Company

Tyrosyra Tyrokomiki as evidenced by its name is located in the enchanting Syros island.

Roussos family was not a family with a tradition in cheese-making, but with great love for the island and its products, they decided to save the traditional recipes and methods of cheese-making, strengthening the island’s cattle breeding and investing in people who- thanks to them- the famous San Michalis became the most special PDO cheese.

Ντόπιο Συριανό Τυρί Τυροσυρα

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Ντόπιο Συριανό Τυρί Τυροσυρα

Coming from pure passion and love, their products -made mainly from cow’s milk- surprise with their taste and compete with some of the best in the world.

San  Michalis, Kopanisti and Frangosyriani, -their famous aged golden gruyere is their flagship.

The highly aromatic Aegean milk that changes from place to place, according to the flora of each island, certainly plays an important role in the special flavors.