Syros Island, Greece
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Chatzakis Syros Winery

Προβολή όλων των 4 αποτελεσμάτων

  • fabrika red

    A light and fresh wine, with soft aromas of cherry, vanilla and tomato. Mouth of moderate volume, with soft tannins and refreshing acidity.

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  • Fabrika white

    A white-yellow, cool wine with greenish hues and aromas of fresh white fruits like banana, apricot, pear, and also lemon cues, lemon zest and mineral notes. Fruity and fresh mouth sense, with good acidity, easy to drink, balanced and juicy.

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  • San Ta Maratha

    Pale yellow, almost white color and lemony nose, with earthy tones, notes citrus and suspicion of orange flowers. Serious and fresh mouthsense, with acidity that gives nerve, minerality, and a pretty long finish with a sense of lemon and pear.

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  • Sheriff Fatman

    Syros Winery releases its first label of the rare Serifiotiko grape, bringing a taste of the Greek islands in your glass. Smart concept, refreshing wine with high level of alcohol (14.2%) and moderate body, ideal for summer and Greek cuisine.

    • Elegant nose, full of lemon, white fruit, such as pear, and white flowers.
    • The soft, botanical feel stands out, perfectly combined with the subtle minerality.
    • Round, with a sharp acidity and aftertaste of citrus that will make you yearn for the next sip.
    • Cool, pleasant, great match with Greek cuisine, especially shellfish (preferably on a Cycladic island).
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