Syros Island, Greece
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Makryonitis Syros Distillery
Makryonitis Syros Distillery

Makryonitis Syros Distillery was established in 2017 in Vari, Syros and has been trading since then.

Its main activity is the distillation of grape pomace from the Cyclades islands, the maturation of tsipouro in oak barrels and the production of ouzo.

Makryonitis Syros Distillery
Makryonitis Syros Distillery PRODUCTS
Tsipouro from Monemvasia marc, with two years of aging in French oak barrels, with a complex character and predominant aromas of honey, caramel and vanilla. The name is a four-digit code, the first two digits of which indicate the year of distillation, while the following years indicate the years of aging in oak barrels.

Tsipouro from Monemv


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Fine tsipouro from the Assyrtiko variety, double distilled according to traditional practice. It is flavored with many aromatic plants of Syros. It reminds more of an aperitif than tsipouro, while it goes perfectly with summer cocktails. It is recommended plain with ice, so you can enjoy its botanical aromas.

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