Syros Island, Greece
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Chatzakis Syros Winery
Chatzakis Syros Winery

Very close to the island’s capital, Hermoupolis, in the area of ​​Langadas in Talanta, is one of the smallest wineries in Greece.

The “Chatzakis Winery” is a creation of the oenologist Nikos Chatzakis. He worked as an oenologist in large wineries before ending up in Syros.

He started his effort in 2011 when, collaborating with the island’s vine growers, he managed to release his first wine, “Fabrica”.

Nikos Chatzakis Syros Winery
Chatzakis Winery PRODUCTS
Chatzakis Syros vineyard

White grapes from different vineyards of the island (Monemvasia and white Kountoura) give an intense fruity wine, while the red version is made from Mandilaria and the result is a pleasant fresh red wine, light and cool.

It is bottled one by one in hand, while the labels will be inserted manually. It is a laborious work, as a result of the effort of mainly one person.

Nikos also deals with Assyrtiko, the most famous grape variety in the Cyclades, and made a wine that he named “San ta Maratha”. Nice acidity and intense fruit in the mouth with a predominant aroma of lemon and citrus. In his most recent work he dealt with the local variety of the Cyclades called Serifiotiko and released a special label, “The Sheriff Fatman”. A restless spirit, he never stops making plans and experimenting.

Selling local wine to foreign visitors is the best export for Nikos (and many other winemakers). He has great love for the island and the culture it carries. His effort is focused on highlighting the local varieties and the special character of the wines of the island.

The main volume of his production is disposed on the island, while the ever-increasing demand leads him to new collaborations with producers, but also to new plantings in privately owned or rented vineyards that he manages.