Syros Island, Greece
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Located in Syros, the heart of the Cyclades island complex, Arom makes homemade exquisite gourmet marmalades and jams, emphasizing on the fruits rather than sugaring them up. Arom graces each season with products which are made only from fresh, ripe fruits. Respecting their flavour characteristics, Arom proudly presents its collection for you to accompany your wine, cheese and meat dishes or give your breakfast a gourmet spin.

arom strawberries

Whole milled orange.

Apricot with lavende

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Whole figs are used

Cactus pear with Fig

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Whole milled orange.

Jar strawberry syros arom

Real strawberry, swe

Sour cherry

Sour cherries, which

Syros "pastelaria"

This jam comes from

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All times classics f

Strawberry with mulled wine

Strawberries dipped

Raspberry with creme de cassis

Nicely marrying the

christophe puet
Christophe Huet

I was born in France of a Greek mother.
My dual origin inspired me to blend fresh fruits of the Greek land and the French tradition and expertise. And Arom marmalades and jams are the outcome. Carefully selecting the fruits and respecting their flavours and aromas, Arom products are cooked in copper basins, in small amounts.
The result is of consistent quality, with no preservatives, no artificial colours, no artificial flavours.

arom jar
αρωμ μαρμελαδες συρος